Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The last few days

My apologies to all. I've not been feeling all that great the last few days. I have also been going through a few domestic difficulties, both of which hasn't left me much time to myself.

Awwww shuckens, the above are just a couple of excuses for saying that I haven't had any ideas to write on. lol

The war in Iraq is practically over so not much to write about there and we have a new President and we will need to wait until he is in office before anything real juicy will happen and it will.

We're in a big recession or depression depending on who is doing the talking and that isn't any fun to write about other than it is a normal cycle of economics until you want to blame someone. Then it is always someone's fault that our economic system isn't perfect and always good.

That leaves the weather. It has been balmy out here the last few days with plenty of winds to keep it that way.

Took Dawg to a dog park this day and it felt funny. One time if you wanted to exercise a dog you just put him in the back of the ol' pickup and drove a few miles out of town then let him out to find his own way home. it may have taken him a day or so but eventually he got home and a few pounds lighter too. Of course in time, if you did that often enough, you'd get home and find him waitin at the front too and swear he was grinning and silently askin, "what took you so long, I've been here awaitin for hours." Of course you'd grin back and try to cover up by sayin, "I stopped of at the beer joint and hoisted a few before coming home."

Then the both of you would go into the house and muddy up the floor the ol' lady had just scrubbed that same morning just to give her something to do the tomorrow. And as she stood there with darts of fire shootin out of her eyes you'd just grin and say "hi my sweet" with out further thought.

But these were the good ol' days that we enjoy braggin about to the kids as we tell them how easy they have it today. The days that we walked five blocks to school but when we tell it to the kids it becomes five miles through snow and rain.

But like I said these last few days haven't been the best of days.


Anonymous said...

I like the new blog look. Very nice! I also have blogger's block. Without the election going on, current events just isn't that interesting. But you are right, there will be plenty to write about once Obama is in office for a while. - Leah

BB-Idaho said...

Those sound like good excuses to me. If someone thinks they are unacceptable, find more really good
excuses here. :)

The Griper said...

he laughs, those school excuses sound and look a lot like the ones I wrote for myself when i skipped school. lol

Average American said...

Hope you're feeling better by now Griper. I just hate to feel "down in the dumps" and don't wish it on anybody. As far as what to blog about, I noticed I'm having to dig deeper to find anything too.

Gayle said...

Hi, Griper. There's plenty to blog about but methinks you may have acquired Blogger Block. I get it every so often too.

Here's an idea for you. You had a wonderful discussion on the question of whether it is ever right to do the wrong thing. How about "is it ever wrong to do the right thing and who gets to decide whether it's right or wrong?" LOL! That ought to drive everyone nuts, including me! ;)

The Griper said...

he has to laugh at gayle's remarks, then says, "you're a little imp, girl, but ok. we'll try that one. its a little bit more complicated tho. " lol.

i agree, AA. and at times just a slight change in the situations in your life can make a big difference too. it did for me.

tweetey30 said...

Sorry to hear that you have had bad times these past few days. Hopefully they get much much better..

dcat said...

Ok....I will find out what is going on! ;)

Mean while! You only walked five blocks to school?!!! LUCKY!

As for writing stuff one can keep bashing the hamas jerks or the saudi camel brain morons! :)

By now the whole world should be on Israels side!

Gayle said...

I'm 5'9", Griper. I'm a big imp! ;)

dcat said...

Don't worry I don't go to your place either! ;) :D


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