Sunday, December 21, 2008

Wow, Now this is a Christmas Gift

Anyone want to question that this is not a mother? She just gave birth to her eighteenth child. The story is here.

A couple of amusing thoughts I had while being amazed at this were,

1. Now here is a woman that the Catholic Church could use as a poster pinup in regards to their stance on abortion and birth control.

2. Now, here is a man who knows and practices the meaning of keeping his woman where she belongs, as the old saying goes, “pregnant, barefoot and in the kitchen.”

3. Since her oldest is but 20 that would mean that she got pregnant again less than a month after she gave birth to the last one.

4. She has spent the last 20 years being pregnant for 162 months of that time.

5. Arkansas couple huh? I won't even mention what this thought might be but one might wonder what kind of men that state produces.

6. Can you imagine the amount of money that would be indicated on a check if she was on welfare? She, by herself, would motivate politicians to mandate birth control or abortions.

7. Boy, talk about a woman who took full advantage of the sexual revolution, she certainly did.

8. Any doubts now that a marriage is meant to be between a man and woman? Or would this be but further proof that we should allow homosexuals to have the privilege of marriage in order to control overpopulation?


Gayle said...

Your blog is beautiful, Griper.

My grandmother had 18 kids too, but it wasn't that uncommon back then.

I think allowing homosexuals to get married in order to control overpopulation wouldn't work. Heterosexual couples would still get married - at least some of them - then there are the rest who are heterosexual who have kids and don't bother with mundane things like marriage.

As for me, if I had 18 kids I would have gone absolutely stark-raving insane.

Merry Christmas, Griper.

dcat said...

Glad to say I’m not her!

Some of us know what we want from life. So it’s off to 81 degrees in the Caribbean for the New Years for me! No kids at this resort we are going to! Everything is included food, drink, snorkel sailing... I will send pictures when I get back! Cheers!

The Griper said...

MERRY CHRISTMAS TO BOTH OF YOU TOO. have fun on vacation, dcat.

one thing, gayle. having that many kids would surely teach each of them about sex. none would need to get sex education in school.

The Griper said...

remember also, gayle, those were thoughts of amusement, not thoughts to p0romote any political agenda.

Shaw Kenawe said...

How does a family put 18 kids through college???????

The Griper said...

he smiles, one at a time, shaw, one at a time just like everyone else does.

BB-Idaho said...

Huh & Duh!
1. They are not Catholic, but a prolific group called quiverfulls
2. Ol Jim Bob was a legislator and has rental properties (which apparently do not keep him busy)
3. Yup
4. True
5. Arkansas couple..recall the Clintons?
6. I'm thinking Arkansas welfare isn't all that lucrative?
7. She didn't take advantage of the sexual revolution..she is a
8. Yes, gays don't contribute to overpopulation. I'm wondering if Jim Bob's
progeny had all been triplets..lessee here 3 x 18 =
Yikes!!! And, as sometimes happens, I agree with Gayle..three was plenty for me...any more and I'd be in the Caymans, renting snorkel gear to D Cat.

The Griper said...

he chuckles at BB. was just funning with the article then revealing some random thoughts that came, my friend.

and i see from your article BB that 4 of the kids are fraternal twins.

though, will admit that my thoughts took a wrong turn about use of this in regards to gay marriage. shows how fleeting my thoughts were at the moment. lol

and to those coming in, the term quiverfull does not refer to the idea of trembling but to the idea of a case which to hold arrows.

The Griper said...

by the way everyone. the word "quiverfulls" in BB's comment is a link to a wikipedia page on the family.

this new theme does not seem to underline links

Gayle said...

It doesn't underline links? That's strange. Well, at least it puts them in bold.

The Griper said...

i went in to the html and changed couple of the lines, gayle. if you do roll over it will reveal the underline now.

not being too good of programmer i did lot of guessing before i got it.

Indigo Red said...

My father had 8 kids. Said he needed a hobby.


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