Monday, November 10, 2008

Women, their Value and Worth

As we were having a weekly Sunday picnic in God’s little special corner of the world grandpa spoke up with one of his little quirky what if scenarios. I say quirky because it never had to do with reality at all. Usually it was just a fun way to see something that could never exist but as I was to learn later in life, I saw them as grandpa's way to make me think in a logical manner. This was one of those times.

“Boy, let’s look at the story of the Garden of Eden in the Bible. It declares that God created the entire universe in 6 days and that includes man. It also declares that he created the animals and woman to give man company. It also declares that they ate of the forbidden fruit and were tossed out of the garden.

Now, boy, let’s take that same scenario and say what if God had created everything as the Bible said with one exception. He did not create woman. What happens then?

I sat there and thought a bit before I answered and smiled a bit at the thoughts that came to mind. “First of all, grandpa, we wouldn’t have grandma to love us and to make this delicious chicken she fried. That would be a tragedy because she makes the best chicken in the whole world. Furthermore, without grandma, that would mean that you would be doing the cooking grandpa. I say this with no disrespect, grandpa, but I have to say that you are the lousiest cook in the whole world.

Come to think about it, grandpa, without women to love us you and I may not even exist because Adam would be content and happy to live by himself with only God as company. If we did exist under those circumstances you and I would be running around the Garden of Eden naked and The Garden would be called a nudist camp.

That would mean that the world would be filled with fruits today too and this would be called a very fruity world. No one would be eating meat. Now, that, itself, is an ugly thought. Then again, with a world filled with fruits we wouldn’t be having this global warming everyone is talking about.

All kidding aside though, grandpa, if we were a world without women there’d be no such thing as love. It takes a whole lot of lovin’ to put up with a couple of characters like you and me, you, with all the griping you do and me with all the shenanigans I get myself into. To me, that makes grandma’s love a very special kind of love.

A world without the love that only a woman can possess would be a very cold world, indeed. I would also say, grandpa that if we look at history we’d have to say that women have suffered through the greatest of cruelties. They have suffered the cruelties not only of men but also that cruelty that only life itself can inflict. We may, in time, eliminate the cruelties of men but we can never eliminate the cruelties of life for them. That is something no other group can claim. We, as men, should never forget that and let them know just how much we do appreciate them in all we do.”

Grandpa just grinned at me, and then he gave grandma a big hug and kissed her cheek.
“That I do, boy, that I do.”


Average American said...

Does Grandpa feel OK? He let you do all the talking for a change. You did fairly well.(I typed that last line with a smile)

The Griper said...

why thank you, my good friend. gramps will be as pleased as a hen that laid her first egg to hear that you think he teached me real good.

Anonymous said...

Hey there Griper.
I just wrote you a book in the comment section of the blog "politics across the pond." I'd love your viewpoints. :-D

Yes. . . Where would our world be without women. . . ;-)

BB-Idaho said...

It is quite possibly a cultural universal that the image of woman as a counterpoint to the masculine
is viewed in high regard. For example, in the Aborigine creation
the world goddess Yhi the first woman is derived from a flower!

tweetey30 said...

I sometimes wonder the same thing. Just watching some of the men in my life trying to make it. I mean if I wasnt here to feed Jeff he would never eat. its not that he cant cook but he forgets to eat when I am not here to feed him and say its dinner time.. LOL... Men and us woman.. Glad we are here though..

BB-Idaho said...

I see a woman was appointed to four star general by the US Army.
The gender is holding its own...

The Griper said...

yes, read about that too. haven't seen her yet. is she goog looking?

The Griper said...



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