Friday, November 14, 2008

Good Question

Need I say any more about it?


dcat said...

I got another one for you to read Griper. ^..^

Average American said...

NObama, I need a job because SOMEBODY has to pay for all the shit that you promised away! Don't worry though NObama, if I wanted your welfare, I'd go down to the office and sign up for it. You don't have to ram it down my throat.

The Griper said...

yup, and paid for by imposing a 100% tax on any income you are supposedly earn too. ;). so, my friend, welfare would not be an option. it would be a need.

BB-Idaho said...

Heh, thats a new one. Bung, the full-time alcoholic, Rodney, the cowardly chief of staff and Spook, the perennial swill-eating prisoner have been making me laugh for years..:)

The Griper said...

he chuckles, me too, BB. do you read the "day by day" strip?

Karen Howes said...

LOL, this is good!

Gayle said...

I love the Wizard of Id! This one is so true.


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