Thursday, October 09, 2008

Governor Palin's Alaska

This was a picture in an actual advertisement I found.

Now, we know why NOW doesn't support Governor Palin if she approved of this ad.

Apparently, fishing and hunting are not the only reasons for a man to go to Alaska for vacation.

Of course, personally, I have no official comment on it, dirty thoughts, maybe, but no comment. :)


tweetey30 said...

I dont even have dirty comments but come on here... I mean look here you always think of Alaska as a cold place all year round basically and then this. Like you said fishing and hunting but where is there really a government???

Lista said...

What?! Are you saying that she's a prostitute. The add doesn't say that. She's a little young perhaps to be hanging out with strangers. Personally, I would not of immediately though of this add in that way, but perhaps you know something that I don't. We need to find you a girlfriend. lol.

The Griper said...

i know it doesn't, lista, as he laughs. and no i'm not implying that she is a prostitute. i just saw the double meaning in the word "guide" and tried to make a funny from it.

and since Alaska is tied into Governor Palin I added her to the implication. :)

mmmmm a girlfriend huh? lol

BB-Idaho said...

Well, if you must be lured by the
parka lassies of the far north, keep in mind
"It was -79.8°F - rounded off to -80°F - observed at Prospect Creek Camp in the Endicott Mountains of northern Alaska on Jan. 23, 1971". ..and pack your electric knickers..

The Griper said...

ahhhhh, at this stage of life, BB, nasty (or are they good)thoughts are about as far as one goes and i can have them right here in sunny california. lololol

Gayle said...

Tweety's comment is a bit confusing. Tweety, Alaska has a state government. LOL!

Well Griper, it looks like sometimes your dry wit isn't understood. I get that a lot too. You wouldn't happen to have any English ancestry in you, would you? My maiden name was Stokesberry. It doesn't get more English than that.

That ad makes me want to visit Alaska just so I can wear a parka like that. It's beautiful! It's never cold enough here where I'm at in Texas to wear really heavy winter gear. I love the snow, but I love Texas too.

The Griper said...

oh boy, you're getting to know me too well. lol
as a matter of fact i do have a bit of english ancestry from my pappy's side.

what about the panhandle, gayle? i always heard that it could get pretty cold there with snow.

Gayle said...

Texas is huge, as I'm sure you know, and I'm not in northern Texas where the panhandle is. We see snow very rarely. When we do get it, it's only a faint dusting that doesn't last long. I've only seen that four times in 13 years! We get more ice storms than snow, and those are far more dangerous and do a lot more damage.

I just knew you had to have English blood in your veins. :)

tweetey30 said...

Sorry Gayle didnt mean to confuse you but you do think of Alaska as a cold place and not having much of a government when you know they do. Its just with Palin I never knew for sure until she came into the picture.. I always thought of them being a cold place and sledding and fishing and such over there. Not so much as a government state like Texas, WI or any other state.


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