Saturday, September 20, 2008

A Brother in Arms Comforted

Pictures such as this are lived everyday of a war. Tears along with loss unimaginable, are shed and felt by so many. Moreover, it occurs in every war not just in those wars we believe in. Men, willing to sacrifice all, in order to fulfill a mission, know this the moment they lift up a weapon.

Those who are arrogant and self-righteous may begin wars, as those who are against it will holler out so strongly. None, though, can declare that be true of those who go to battle.

No man can ever come home without the memories of those he loved and lost. He can only be comforted by the fact of the mission accomplished as he was trained and taught.

Wars are never a good option and to many, it is very immoral. There are those who will declare them unnecessary, though that is impossible to prove. There are those who declare that it must be a last resort yet no man can declare truthfully when that time comes. The most that anyone can say about any war is to express hope and faith that the results will reveal and accomplish some good upon the completion of its mission.

Only time and history will reveal that. In the mean time, soldiers can only weep as they suffer through their loss as those who support their decision must do also. Victory or defeat will be the determinant of which cause each man died for in war.

Last of all, this I pray to the One almighty, that each of us may come know the pride and compassion that these men and women need in their time of sacrifice and to never allow them to believe that pity and shame has entered our hearts and souls.


Gayle said...

Wonderful post and sentiments, Griper!

I could never feel either pity or shame for our troops. Tom me - as they are to you and to most of our commenters - they are heroes to be loved, cherished and admired. Too bad so many people will never get it!

Lista said...

I never know what to say when things like this are posted. It is always sad and moving, but what can one say. I guess it's already been said by you in this post. Thanks for posting it.

The Griper said...

there is usually never anything necessary to say in regards to posts such as these, lista. posts like these are meant to reveal feelings of the author in hopes he might inspire feelings in others about something. the author can only hope he has inspired the right feelings, those akin to his own. many of your own posts fall in this catagory.

msladydeborah said...

First the song is beautiful.

I have had family serve in past wars. I also have family who are currently serving in the armed forces. I appreciate your insight in this post.

I am not pro-war. It is not a matter for any nation to take lightly. The cost is great to all parties involved.

A couple of years ago I visited an exhibit titled: Eyes Wide Open. It was so heartbreaking to view it.

For every solider and civilian who had been killed in the current war, there was a pair of shoes with the individuals name tagged onto them. At that time the number of pairs were over 2,000.

The very tiny shoes of children broke my heart. So did the combat boots of the soliders who died from Ohio. Lima Company took quite a hit.

I try to keep in mind that men and women in my family have served this nation in combat. It has been by God's grace that none have lost their lives. But I know that there are families who will not see their loved ones return.

Hopefully we will be able to get this sorted out in a sane manner.

Anonymous said...

(Applauding) Beautiful, Griper.

tweetey30 said...

It must be so hard for those soliders to lose a fellow man next to them. I mean they are over there kicking Ass for us to keep our freedom and then getting killed on top of that. Beautiful post Griper.. Amazing really.. I just sometimes catch myself thinking what life would be like if my brohter in law was over there instead of being here in Minot ND on the base as a Police Officer. It would be scary.

dcat said...

Amen Griper!

Silouan said...

Hey Griper,

Just wanted to drop you a line and say hi.


The Griper said...

howdy, silouan,
welcome to the Griper. hope you enjoy my site as much as i enjoy yours.


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