Sunday, July 13, 2008

Grandma and the Flag

One day in town with grandma we came across a few hippie types of characters on the street corner. As we walked by them, all of a sudden I heard grandma yell out to them. Here is what she said,
Who am I to argue with the woman?


Lista said...

Way to go Grandma! lol.

The Griper said...

thought we were due for a little humor again. glad you enjoyed it.

Lista said...

Yeh, that is probably what you were trying to communicate to me with your last comment on my blog, yet humor is hard for me when I'm stressed.

Lista said...

The other day McCain and Obama were in a raft together and the raft tipped over. Who do you think was saved? I'll tell you the answer later this afternoon or this evening.

The Griper said...

that may have been a part of it but what i said there was true. people ramble on about anything and everything. that's why it is called rambling. just like my blog, people can gripe about anything and everything. and while most of my posts are on political philosophy i do go off that topic when inspired to.

Lista said...

The answer or punch line to the above question is that the one who was saved is America. lol.

On the very first post that I did, Fallen' Angel payed me a complement in saying, "My dear, that was many things, but there was nothing 'rambling' about it."

I've tried to live up to that complement and not allow my blog to turn into nothing more than a journal about my life. I've allowed myself to post about my life lately in relation to the loss of our dog and the fire only because my life has been particularly stressful lately and I figure that people would find any news about the fire interesting, even if it's personal news.

Crian said...

Hey Griper, I can't quite see the wording in the first picture, it might also be the resolution of my monitor but I do like lista's joke, quite funny.

The Griper said...

thanks for letting me know. hope you can read it now.

Lista said...

I can read it now, better than before, yet I'm at a different computer. I'll have to look at it again when I get home.

Thanks Crian.

The Griper said...

should be able to read it at home also, Crian. i changed the size of the pic so as to be able to read it better.

Crian said...

Yep, can totally read it now, thanks for the change, makes much more sense than my various guesses.

Anonymous said...

HAHAHA! I hadn't seen this till now. Classic!


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