Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Fishing for Phish

I just found a new site that can be of help in spotting PHISHING sites. They use a cute little game to teach you what to look for. It may be a site for anyone but especially parents to check out and not only play themselves but also to teach the kids what to look for also. To play the game requires Flash 8 and if you do not have it there is a link on the site to upgrade. The site is
Carnegie Mellon University


Crian said...

Hey Griper, this is a great site find as I often have friends asking me whether an email/site they have recieved is a phishing site, thanks.

Gayle said...

That was quite informative. I spend 30 minutes over there.

Griper, this is off topic, sorry, but you left a link regarding the Iraqi athletes being banned. Because of you I did a post on it. I also left a comment in response to you on that thread. Thanks for the head's up.

tweetey30 said...

That is neat. Nice and colorful where kids want to play. I only spent a few minutes for now reading it but will try and come back later to read more.


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