Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The Power of Another

Wind, one of the four great powers of life
In its warmth it can be the hug we need, the kiss we yearn
In its chill, a reminder that we be but human, not a God
‘Tis from the wind we know ourselves, ‘tis life it gives.

Fire be the force of our lives but touch it not
Warmth be its gift, the heat to kindle our hearts
It be a reminder that love is not to be smothered
For love needs it freedom if it be known as given.

Water we have to quench our thirst, to make us clean
It be there to hold us up though we may feel we be drowning
In the beauty of its turbulence, we know that peace will follow
From this, we know our strengths, we know our weakness.

Earth be the last but yet it be not the least
From within its soul comes the fruit of its labor
That we may know the cycle of life, short it may be
A reminder to know it well, to know it be deep.

The wind might cease, the fire may go out,
The earth may suckle the water dry but this I know
They be gone not long, they be there just the same
For life is ever here, they each have a need.

For as the grain of earth we be, a drop of water
A spark from the flame, the slightest of breeze
‘Tis in our insignificance that we be important
For we be one, we be alone, and alone we be of need.

‘Tis of need we seek for another, of need, we follow the wind
‘Tis of another we seek to be enflamed, to know the fire
For only another may quench the thirst of the unsatiable need
Only with another can the fruit of our labor come forth.

This be the end of my story, the end of my tale
Twas the story of one as each may be
Twas the story of all as each must seek
For it be the union of two that we know we be but one.


Gayle said...

That's beautiful and awesome, Griper! I'm impressed! I can especially identify with this verse right now: "Earth be the last but yet it be not the least
From within its soul comes the fruit of its labor
That we may know the cycle of life, short it may be
A reminder to know it well, to know it be deep
" It must be because of all the gardening I'm doing right now. :)

The Griper said...

that's the pleasure that comes with working with mother earth, gayle.

i'm here fighting the turbulence of weeds here also when old man sun allows me. lolol

tweetey30 said...

very cool poem. Thanks for sharing. I am far from a poet...

The Griper said...

poetry is within all of us

Lista said...

Hi Griper,
Nice Poem. Here's what I wrote in response to it last night by didn't get submitted.

As usual, I feel as if I'm still struggling to blog. It seems as if the struggle never ends. I yearn to get my opinion out there, yet sometimes I lack the strength to do it. As odd as it seems, I lack the strength to do what I yearn to do. And right now, I'm just trying to connect with your poem.

Wind, Water and Fire are all spiritual symbols. Both Wind and Fire have been used as symbols relating to the Holy Spirit. And then there is Water. Jesus spoke of the Living Water that springs up into Everlasting Life.

Here is the paragraph that got my interest...

"The wind might cease. The fire may go out.
The earth may suckle the water dry, but this I know,
They be gone not long. They be there just the same,
For life is ever here. They each have a need."

I have a tendency to think of Wind and Fire in relation to the Holy Spirit, yet the Wind and Fire of the Holy Spirit is something that is always with us and never goes out and how very grateful I am that there is at least one form of Wind and Fire that is never quenched. Praise God!!

The next couple of paragraphs after the one I quoted explain how there is Earth, Water, Fire and Wind in each of us and each of us has a need.

To be honest with you, I am still to this day troubled about something and it has to do with something that I've gone back and forth with you about, Griper, for quite awhile. It is the contrast between the individual and the group, or actually, what I'm beginning to realize now is that it has to do with independence vs. dependence and self-sufficiency vs. need. Sometimes it is so hard to find the balance.

I post my inspirations and insights and yet even after doing so, there is almost always another part of the puzzle that's still missing.

There are times in which people let us down and we have nothing left to cling to but God and what a blessing it is that He is indeed always there, yet it is best if it doesn't stay that way forever. I guess there are Christians who might say that all we need is God and nothing more, yet we do also need each other and sometimes God answers our prayers by bringing people into our lives.

The only reason, Griper, that I argued with you so long over the Individual vs. Group idea is because sometimes I try so hard to just be an Individual and I just can't do it. I really do need other people. By myself, as an individual, I just don’t amount to much.

Gayle said...

I was looking for another post here, Griper. I hope everything is okay!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful, Griper-- who wrote this?

The Griper said...

lolol yes, ma'am one will be right up at yoour command. lol

The Griper said...

awww shuckens, girl. was just some ol words that came from this foolish head of mine.

The Griper said...

in the mean time girls, enjoy the music.


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