Saturday, May 17, 2008

New Blog

Sorry,folks about being lax in my posting. Heat is getting to me here and besides I've been a little busy adding a new element to my site. I've added a new blog archiving all the music videos that I've been putting up here for your entertainment. I thought it might be niice to allow all of you good folks that have been enjoying the music to hear them again, especially the ones you particularly liked to listen to.

It will be a blog that contains nothing but music, music, music. You can find it in "Personal Blogs" and the name of the site is Music of my Youth


Candy Minx said...

Hi Griper!

Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a such a positive comment.

I like your idea of archiving what music videos you've posted here, good one. I also think a blog devoted to your meaningful music is a great idea. Music has so many memories and emotions associated that I can imagine even writing about song by song would stir up some great storytelling opportunities.

I follow a blog called "music is art" mainly because the authors write so emotionally about music.

I am looking forward to reading some of your previous posts and getting to "know" you. The post with letter from Sherman sounds intense.

Great to "meet" you!


The Griper said...

welcome, candy to my blog. i know it be be not much. it be only my own feelings and thoughts that i share. and at times those feelings may appear to be cold-hearted. they are felt with the respect and honor that each deserve as i see it.

dcat said...

Lax? I can hardly keep up!!!

The heat here is very mild. We are sitting in the shade and enjoying the deck and even had breakfast outside this morning with our own tunes.

I love the tunes here too thanks Griper and stay cool!

Maybe you need to take a road trip up north sometime.

The Griper said...

that's the difference. you are sitting out on the porch enjoying the weather and i'm locked up inside the house keeping away from it. lol

ahhh yes, a trip north would be fun.

Fallen' Angel said...

I grew up with much of this music and it brings me back to a time very dear to me. Thank you for preserving it in one place for gals like me to enjoy.
Much Gratitde,


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