Sunday, May 25, 2008

A friend died This Morn

He looks at each of his visitors as they enter and he whispers to each,

“This is a day of deep sorrow for me. A dear friend of many years passed away this morn. A friend who was always there when I needed. A friend who always beckoned to my call whenever I needed . I could always tell this friend my problems and that wonderful friend would listen silently and wisely.

This friend was never jealous but would lead me to wherever I wanted to go. This friend served me well each and every day whenever I asked and did so without complaint. Even upon its death bed it still tried to serve me. This friend never demanded that I speak the words of gratitude nor the words of love.

This friend will be missed very much for how can you forget a companion of so many years. I was stunned as I looked at this friend’s face and knew that all I saw was death as all old friends must eventually do. It was a quick death and for that I am grateful.

A friendship of nearly fifteen years was lost to me this morn. My monitor died on me. It has served me through two computers and I cannot help but think that my computer is about ready to follow it to Electronics heaven.


BB-Idaho said...

Condolences on the passing of Mr. Monitor. 15 years is a lot of pixels processessed by your faithful link to cyberspace..RIP

Average American said...

Conveying my deepest sympathies on the loss of your loved one, may it rest in peace


The Griper said...

i thank you, my kind friends for your condolences. i have to admit it was a shocking and most unexpected loss. i just sat here looking at a blank screen for the longest time when it happened in hopes it would revive.

i had been contemplating putting it out to pasture for the last month or so but just never had the heart to replace it.

Americaneocon said...

My heart be with yours, Griper.

And have a peaceful Memorial Day too!

Gayle said...

Okay... you really had me going with this post, Griper!

I thought I had a dead monitor too, so I replaced it, and then my pc went out so I replaced it and called in someone to take a look at the old pc. He repaired it, hooked it up to the old monitor and everything worked fine, so now we have a second pc and monitor. It seems the pc dropped a bit which accounted for the monitor's problems. Maybe you can resurrect your old friend! :)

I probably should have called in the pc geek before purchasing a new system, but I wanted a backup computer anyway, so everything turned out fine.

tweetey30 said...

Dang computers. LOL... They always seem to bomb out on us when we are least expecting them to do it...

dcat said...

^..^ thanks griper :D :D :D

:+: (((((((((hugs)))))))))))

dcat said...

It's time for you to get up dated to a new computer!

"15 YEARS!?!"

I think I have had 4 in the last 15 years!!!

Now on wireless and a laptop is nice for the recliner.

RIP to the old computer.

Lista said...

Oh my gosh, Griper!
I've been writing to you on the next post down and somehow missed this tragic message and was feeling so very guilty about my neglect of you in your time of great sorrow. I guess, just like Gayle, you really had me going.

Cheer up! You'll be Ok. There are other monitors out there longing to be loved. lol. :)

The Griper said...

he laughs at all the kindly comments. tis for the best i guess. i've been procrastinating over getting a new one anyways. this just brings it to a head, i guess. but thanks for all the condolences. i think everyone took it as i intended, humorously.

BB-Idaho said...

..was just wondering if your friend
was an 'organ donor'? Perhaps there is a failing Sony on the waiting list for bandwidth..:)

Lista said...

That's cute, BB. You make me laugh. lolol :) :) :)

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about your monitor, Griper.

When you do need to replace your computer, may I suggest a Mac? I got one back in September, and I LOVE it! Never going back to Windows PCs ever again if I can help it.


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