Wednesday, April 09, 2008

A Riddle I ask, The Answer I Beseech

It declares there be but One

though it has two natures

Can be seen as divided into three

Each of them independent yet inseperable?

It began from a group of 13 and has grown from there

The name of its first leader is known the world over

Its truths, believed, have passed the test of time

Those persons who abide in it are recognized as men of free will

It is best known for its list of 10 of what some could call commandments

Some would take the words of its foundation literally. Others would not

It promises justice to all

Men have died willingly in defense of it

More can be said of it but Time will only tell?

The answer be one yet the answer be two

If you know the answer and can tell me more

Add it to my riddle for prosterity to know.


Gayle said...

I believe "God" is the answer to the riddle: Two parts, the Father and the Son. Three parts, the Father, Son and Holy Ghost and all parts are one: "God".

The Griper said...

what about the rest of the riddle gayle?

Fallen' Angel said...

Gosh this is a tough call. The Catholic school girl in me went along with Gayle, and the Holy Trilogy. Then, the American gal in me heard "The Pledge of Alligence" in her head and the preamble of The I listened to them all. My final anwswer is our Country, The United States of America. We are one Nation under God.

The Griper said...

remember i said there be one answer yet two

Fallen' Angel said...

Now I'm starting to understand when dcat says "Griper, Stop it!"

Could it be the fact the this one NATION under God is also a REPUBLIC?

The Griper said...

read each line carefully. think of something else that would fulfill each and every line. you're only taking in consideration a few of the lines.
God did not begin with 13. and you do not refer to him as an "it"
one line is a bit deceiving but still true.

Lista said...

Hi all,

I also thought of God and the Bible, yet not all of the numbers match. For the answer to be the Bible, there would have been numbers such as 12 (The 12 Tribes of Isreal) or 5 (The Torah, the Law, the First 5 books of the Bible, the Books of Moses). Instead the main number given was 13 (The 13 Original ???).

There is a possibility that I do know the answer, but I sort of like watching others try to figure things out, so that's all that I'm going to say for now.

The Griper said...

well, it can't be the Bible because it does not declare God as a triunity. it implies it yes but does not declare it. but will say you are close to the answer, all of you.

The Griper said...

ok, my friends,
the anser i'll give. fallenangel got one of the answers, our nation the other answer be Christianity.
the first four lines describe God as Christians see Him. it also describes our government.

the fifth line, the 13 states, the 12 apostles plus Jesus

both Washington and jesus are known world wide.

the list of ten refers to the 10 commandments and bill of rights (commandments to the government).

some christian religions take the Bible literally others do not, the same goes for the Constitution. the Bible has been called the living Word of God.

in other words a riddle of the commonalities of our nation and Chritianity. the last two lines only asks if someone can think of more then reveal them so one may had it to the riddle.

Lista said...

I thought the answer was America and the Constitution; the written document and the Nation it represents. I didn't think of adding Jesus to the 12, making it 13. I was also thinking Old Testament, whether than New testament because Christianity has Jewish roots.

I was going to ask you if the answer started with C and you would have said yes. Interestingly, Constitution also begins with C.

I'm not sure if I see the trinity idea in relation to America. What is the "two natures, Can be seen as divided into three." in relation to America?

Maybe this is a dumb question and I've just revealed that I'm not real good at History. Oh well.

The Griper said...

the trinity is there lista,

one government
two natures-the nature to rule over the people and the nature to serve the people.
three bodies, executive, legislative, and judicial
each of these bodies are separate, independent yet united, make up our government

The Griper said...

that be the difference between a government as we set up and a monarchy or dictatorship. they rule over the people but the people are there to serve them.

Lista said...


Believe it or not, just after writing my last email in relation to this posting, I got thinking about it and realized what the three branches of Government were.

The two natures (to rule and to serve) are similar to God's two natures (Righteousness/Justice and Grace/Love).


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