Tuesday, March 18, 2008

A Friend, a Brother, a Father

Today, a grave I visited of a man who lived
Was a war that took his life, he paid the price
By his honor my freedom he gave
He died for freedom tho it be not his own
Here to be remembered, with a tear this I do,

Today the grave of another I did visit
Yes, ‘twas a war tho not the same
His life was to be taken but his life he gave
Duty to his nation, for this he died.
Not to be forgotten, be with a tear I never will

Today the grave of a third found my humbled knee
War be not his choice, nor will it ever be sought
His face I never saw, his smile I never knew
I knew him not, yet I knew him so well
His story will be told, a tear for every word

For wars have been fought, many have died
But from the victory, a nation was born, men be free
But of victory the shackles a man knew, he knows no more
Because of victory a man of religion was persecuted no more
Tears were shed for each, tears deeply from the heart

From the depth of each grave this I heard
"Victory be mine, my friend, but freedom be yours
Honor be mine, my brother, for your freedom I fought
Duty be mine, my son, freedom be ever your choice"
My head be lowered, but never in shame
my tears of gratitude for the gift that was given

Whether he be the first, whether he be the last
Whether he be but one or one of many
A man was given life by the dying of another
The story be long, tis a story with never an end
This is the story I tell, told with each tear that falls

So I say to those who read, hear me well
Read not the words I write but listen to the words of my tears
For the words I write they be written in pride
But the words of my tears they be whispered in honor
I have no more to write I have no more to say
For the men who lie in silence, their story is to be told


Average American said...


Gayle said...

It is indeed beautiful, Griper. Isn't it a pity there are so many people who take advantage of their freedom and disrespect those who sacrifice so that they can retain the right to that freedom?

The Griper said...

i pity no man, gayle. for the freedom that they take advantage of is the same freedom that you, average american, and all the rest of us have the privilege of possessing also.

and as long as there are mothers such as yourself to tell the story of the sacrifice to their children those men who died will always live in honor as they have earned it.

for it be the child who must pay homage to a father unknown yet known so well. it will be the brother and friend that will take the hand of that child and lead him down the path of life to adulthood.

a hand given in sacred trust and confidence as bestowed upon them by a father that gave up all so that his son may know what he fought for and died for.


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