Monday, February 25, 2008

Separation, Church and State, part 3

Kept after school in detention I missed my bus and had to walk home. I knew I’d be in trouble with grandpa for being late in starting my evening chores. Once home I ran down the driveway and straight to the barn for the evening milking. When I got there I saw grandpa and grandma had already started and I grabbed my stool and pail and began milking also. After a few minutes I nervously I asked grandpa what more he had to say about the subject of the country being under God.

Without hesitation or with any sign that he was irritated with me for coming home late he had this to say,

"Now, boy, we get to the core of the argument, which is strictly political. We live in a country where decisions are made by the use of the democratic process. This means that whenever there needs to be a group decision that a vote is taken and the majority vote makes the decision for the entire group even if that were only a majority of one. And we find this to be the case in the Supreme Court most often than not. In other words, majority rules with the consent and support of the minority.

As I said in my previous talks no one could declare that God exists is a fact of life or that anyone could declare that God is monotheistic is a fact. Both are statements of belief. This is what everyone must agree with regardless of the zeal of the faith they have in their own personal belief on the matter. Each will have their own arguments as to why they believe as they do and each will provide the source from which they use to give credibility for their beliefs.

Now, one more thing, most every decision we make in life is a decision that is based on belief. We believe that in making that decision the desired results will occur. We also know that at times that be a false belief because the desired results do not occur. This is true whether it be an individual decision or a group decision.

So, from this we see that just because something is a belief rather than a fact doesn’t negate the validity of making of a decision on a matter. And in a group decision there may be many different beliefs but it doesn’t negate the validity of a decision in support of one of those beliefs. Congress itself in its making of decisions affirms this.

So, from the above we have a basis from which to make the determination of whether or not we are a nation under God or not. If we were to place the question of, "is there a God that exists as far as you personally are concerned?" on a ballot for the people to vote on we know that from the counted votes that the overwhelming number of persons who voted would say yes. A poll taken by Newsweek placed that figure at 90%.

We would also have to admit from this that not everyone who voted yes were in agreement as to the description of the God that they believed existed. The Muslims who voted yes would describe him as a singularity called Allah. The Jews would describe Him as a singularity and maybe call Him Jehovah. Most of the Christian community would describe Him in terms of being a Tri-unity. Those of the Hindu religion would do so in terms of a particular God in their system of beliefs.

So, for those who believe the Constitution is a living document and that it should reflect the will of the people then it must be declared that the people have decided that we are a nation under God. And it can be declared that it was decided without answering the question of whose God are we under also."

In hearing this I knew that there had to be more to grandpa's thoughts because he had already taught me that there was more than one way of seeing the Constitution. So, my thoughts went back to what grandpa would say and do for my being late for chores and I didn't like what my thoughts were telling me. And not paying attention to what I was doing I got a good slap in the face as the tail of the cow that i was milking found its mark.


dcat said...

Nicely done Griper!

dcat said...

Hey Griper,

Glad you came out all right ;)


Gayle said...

Your grandpa is a wise man, Griper. He not only knew what he was talking about, he was able to talk the cow into punishing you for being late! ;)

The Griper said...

he laughs with gayle. haven't you heard? grandpas are the wisest of men to kids.


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