Thursday, February 28, 2008

Monica's vote

Ok, enough of the serious stuff, let's put a little humor into our lives, huh?
as you look at the button need i say more?


Sugarbabe said...

Yes, well I hope she has learned about mouth wash and a good tar soap may also be needed...

Gayle said...

EWWWWW!That's in such bad taste! LOL! I'm going to snag it, Griper. :)

Off Topic, but I wanted to let you left a comment over at Dragon Lady's Denn that you obviously spent time on, then made the comment that it got lost in cyberspace. It didn't, Griper. It came through just fine. Thanks!

BB-Idaho said...

Apparently Monica has switched to the Larry Craig/Mark Foley type? :)

The Griper said...

well, glad to see you all enjoyed it. hope it leads you all into a good weekend too.

and gayle yes i saw it went thru but it was too late, i had already sent the comment but thanks for letting me know.

dcat said...

She sure did a great job in letting us know about bill didn't she LOL!

You have a great weekend too Griper!

Gayle said...

You're welcome. :)


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