Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Conscience vs Will of the People, (last post)

Grandpa continued by saying;

“Boy, as I said before we elect leaders not followers. And history will judge them on their leadership. History will not be judging the people who followed them. But that does not mean that any decision our leaders make cannot or is not influenced. We, the people can and do influence the decisions of the leaders we elect. Along with that our leaders have advisors who will influence their decisions.

There are many ways that we as individuals can express our will in regards to any issue. And that list can be as long or as short as one wants to make it. We can join organizations that help influence the decisions of our leaders along with helping to elect those leaders that are sympathetic to their cause. But the ultimate influence that is known is the influence of the ballot box has on the decisions of those leaders. It is there we, as the people, express our will of whether or not that representative made good decisions or not as far as we are concerned.

Where the problem may lie in this ability to influence is the perception that influence is cause. Every man’s decisions are influenced even your decisions, boy. My sitting here talking to you on this issue will influence your decision on this issue. But that will not mean that what I say will be the cause of the decision you will have to make for yourself in regards to it if you choose to take my position on it. Nor will it mean that you disregarded my words if you choose to take the opposing viewpoint.

My last point, boy, is that those who advocate for conscience are also advocates for the idea that man possesses a free will and should be held responsible for their own decisions in life. Those who advocate for the concept of the Will of the People are also advocating for Determinism for they are advocating that the decisions of a representative be determined by the will of the people not their conscience.”

With this said grandpa got up and said, “boy the decision is now in your lap. I will say no more unless you have questions.” Then he walked into the other room to be with grandma. I had to chuckle as I heard him to her, "Come on, my love, let's go try to make a baby."


dcat said...

Happy fathers day! :D :D :D

The Griper said...

he smiles as he bows to her gracious words. being a father is the greatest privilege in the world. yet so many are denied that privilege by the decisions of another.

dcat said...

A decision is a freedom. ;)

The Griper said...

and freedom means the acceptance of responsibility of and for those decisions. take away the right to make those decisions and you deny freedom.

Lista said...

The message in this post is actually quite simple. Leaders are influenced by the people, by their advisors, by the ballot box and by organizations or lobbying groups but there is a distinction between influence and cause.

What an interesting comment, Griper, about being denied the privilege of fatherhood by the decisions of another. I'm not sure what you meant by that, yet it hits home for me because I probably would have had kids if I agreed with my husband on more of the issues relating to child rearing and also life in general.

I guess the decision to not have kids was my decision, yet it was made because of "influences" that were beyond my control.

What's the point in having one's own children, if it seems that there's not going to be much freedom in deciding how to raise them.

Wow! Griper, I can't believe that you just got me to say that!


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