Monday, March 12, 2007

Rebuttal to Aquinas's "Five Proofs" (part 2)

Grandpa then put down his paper and looked straight at me as he said, "boy, there are two things that God is not seen as being the cause of, Himself and man’s state of being in sin. ‘Tis man himself that is the cause of the necessity of salvation. And that necessity had to be an offering that was of innocence and perfection of being and existence. This is what we call the Lamb of God.

Man of his own free will chose to act without God. It is his finiteness of being that prevents man from regaining his former state of existence with God by himself. It is his own finite being that required the help of the perfect being so that man can be with God once more. Given that all is possible but only one is a necessity. We know that necessity came into being with the birth of the Christ. And that necessity is what we call God. And that perfect being is what we call God. Thus God is not only the first Cause He is also the first Effect for God is as He is.

The only conclusion that can be seen from this arguement is that God cannot exist for there can be no prior cause if He be the first cause. Yet we see that there must be."

Grandpa then went back to reading his paper leaving me stunned at what he was saying. I turned to grandma with an alarmed look on my face and she just smiled as she said, "yes, your grandfather believes that God exists."


Kirsten N. Namskau said...

God is ~0~
The smallest and the biggest. The first and the last. The one below and the one on top.
.... 0-1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10 ....

To unite with God, you have to take the Cero step.

The Griper said...

The article, kirsten, was not one declaring the means of how to unite with God but a rebuttal to an arguement presented as to whether or not He existed. I just pointed out the flaw in the arguement as presented. It was not meant to be a declaration of belief in regards to His existence.


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