Thursday, October 26, 2006

Grandpa's Answer, (part 2)

“Wars are a peculiar phenomena, boy. While you can make comparisons with them each one is unique and with their own character. This is true of those that try to evaluate them also. Wars can be evaluated based upon their morality and value to a society or they may be evaluated in regards to whether or not a side is winning or losing without regard to the morality of its existence.

There are those who believe that wars have no value thus wars should never be waged in their viewpoint. This group of persons are identified as pacifists. There are those who dissent against a certain war but not others. These people will use pacifistic arguments to promote their viewpoint of dissent to any particular war they disagree with. For purpose of distinction I will refer to this group as neo-pacifists. Then there are those who believe that once a war begins the only determinants that should be evaluated are those that determine whether or not a side is winning or losing. Any other considerations are meaningless to this group. Again for distinguishing groups I will refer to this group as warriors. The ways to distinguish between these groups are the premises they use to justify the conclusion they have reached.

All three groups want the troops to come home. The distinguishing difference between the groups is when. The warrior group wishes the troops home only when there is victory over the enemy as defined by history. The other groups want the troops home before victory can be clearly declared.

There is a problem about bringing the troops home prior to the declaration of victory. And from what I have seen and heard it is a problem that those who dissent of a certain war do not realize as they present their argument to bring the troops home early. I honestly believe that they do not understand that they are aiding the enemy in their cause for victory.”

With these words said grandpa went silent leaving me to ponder over these words. How could bringing the troops home be aiding the enemy? But more important how could it be justified?



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